Your Womb is the
Queen of your Realm

Unfold this Journey of self discovery with me and Awakening the Power of your Womb

Embrace with me

It’s time to reset and reclaim your creative Womb power. The power of Womb knowledge is a magnificent system of holistic therapy, interconnect that acts on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level… and as you progress on this journey you will begin to notice changes and the effects that will begin to manifest themselves in your physique, your body, in your life, in your relationships and in your power to manifest your dreams.

You will learn to cleanse the 6 main emotional wounds: rejection, abandonment, humiliation, injustice, betrayal and abuse.
You will learn to make energetic cuts with people from your past who are hindering your health, your sexuality and your relationships.
You will learn how to clean yours and your ancestry's miscarriages to recover the fertility that was lost.
We will heal your relationship with your menstruation and its cyclicity so that you stop fighting with your cyclical rhythm and learn to extract the best from each phase, each energy, each archetype, even for women who had a hysterectomy, the energetic power and all memories of the womb remain within, for those in menopause, your energetic wise blood still flows in harmony, Woman in their crone phase are the spiritual wise womb woman.
We will activate and enhance each of the womb portals to restore your gynaecological health and your powerful sexuality.
We will finalize patterns from your ancestry that you are unconsciously repeating, which are holding back your life, your relationships and your health.
You will also learn how to apply all womb cleansing, where you will receive powerful tools to start your own treatment at home.
We will finalize patterns from your ancestry that you are unconsciously repeating, which are holding back your life, your relationships and your health.
This journey will demand everything of you, and give everything in return, can you feel your energy pulsing inside? Your womb is calling you back onto the path of love, and I calling you to awake! Welcome.

Dive Deep into the Feminine Mystery School

Hi, I’m May Gonzalez, and I’m here to help you to awaken your feminine power. As a Sacred Sexuality Priestess, I create a bridge between the ancient teachings and modern approaches. I guide women to help them rediscover their inner strength and womb confidence. I believe that every woman has the potential to be confident, orgasmic and free. I’m here to help you unlock that potential. My mission is to open the gate of your own feminine womb space and healing into consciousness freedom. I invite you to descend into the body, exploring your vulnerability, embrace your sensuality, awakening your intuition to emerge after into the womb of pleasure.

Discovery Yourself

The Womb of Creation

Navigating into the womb space show a woman precious map towards to the deepest shadow and her traumas imprints. Opening this magical portal can release and heal traumas such as rejection, abandonment, humiliation, injustice, betrayal and abuse past by generation to generation from a female lineage. The heart-womb has been separated from our creative power, our sexual energy, our life-force: These powerful energies are united together in unconditional love. When we lost the heart-womb of creation, when our self-love does not have roots, and our womb power is not connected to the heart, suffering and traumas birthed.

The Yoni Portal

Yoni in Hinduism, Sanskrit language mean womb, receptacle, origin or source; root cause of everything. In Hinduism, Yoni represents the Divine feminine power, this realm of existence, the Yoni became the sacred female worlds’ temple, a sacred feminine empowerment to the modern women. Yoni is associated to women’s vitality and creative power. This includes developing an intimate relationship with the body to dissolve shame, guilt and past traumas. The realm of Yoni is the home of kundalini, source of sexual energy, that’s remain dormant until the feminine wounds allow the balm of forgiveness and surrender to embrace them all.

Sacred Body

Your body is a divine realm of magic. Having a body gives you power to exercise your freedom of choice. Ancient scriptures compare our bodies to a sacred temple, a place where the Spirit can dwell, and our traumas dissolve when taken to transcendence. Of course, your body isn't perfect right now. But the all the conscious experiences you are having with your body can help you prepare to one day receive a perfect, resurrected, glorified body. Our body is a secret garden of our soul, it is our intimacy, it is what is most “ours”, therefore, we must honour it with wisdom and adoration. It is true that the human body contains a very great fragility and smallness, and it prevents us from elevating ourselves and coming close to spiritual enlightenment. The body is not a thing, is myself. I don't inhabit my body. I am my body. My body is me. If I were not a body, to come into the world I would not have needed the man and woman who came together, let's honour our ancestors. To honour the body of knowledge, we must ‘appropriate’ and assimilate the entire reality of incarnation and redemption, to find himself. If this profound process is carried out, then he produces fruits and is going to find the true happiness.

Lunar Menstrual Mysteries

When you delve deeper into the mysteries of the symbolism of the Moon's phases, you discover the cradle of your soul and the deep connection with your menstrual cycle alchemy. When we understand that hormonal influences and the phases of the moon influence each phase of our cycle, it becomes easier to embrace each version of ourselves that appears. The Moon holds a huge key about everything you can become and, in the same way, shining deep in your eyes, the Moon's Light reflects the inner reflections of your being, your soul, your predominant emotional tendencies and the feminine principle in life. The lunar energy it is the great regulator of emotions, acting profoundly on mood and state of mind, making people more expansive or withdrawn. The Moon is represented by the mother, the woman, who nurtures, welcomes, donates and protects and wants to be protected. It is passive and unstable energy, fertility, motherhood and procreation. The Moon rules the sign of Cancer and is introspective. She talks about her ancestors, her past, her family of origin, her memories and her home. She governs the uterus, digestion, breastfeeding, the emotional body, the subconscious and the cycles (tides, menstruation, birth and harvest), and is associated with the feminine because of the cycles that both have.

My Offerings

Womb Conciouness

An initiatory journey for women into the Divine Wisdom of the Feminine Mystery. Exploring the womb of creation, transmute all the suffering and pain into your pleasure and freedom. Online juicy one-on-one session. I lead you through the feminine healing temple of transformation. A special blend of coaching + deep somatic healing, you will leave these sessions feeling completely rebirthed.

Some insights of the session:

1 – Coach and alignment consultation
2 – Menstrual and lunar cycle alignment
3 – Female anatomy and sexual education
4 – Female psychoenergetic system
5 – Relationship of diseases and trauma
6 – HomePlay and nurturing do yourself massages

and more…

Yoni Mapping

I bring you a guide tour into your realm womb space, I help you to face your fear to discovery your inner universe, embrace your pleasure points, unlock your blockages, release some traumas, numbness, tension, and painful areas, understand your body and embrace the connection between your suffering and consciousness freedom, getting to know yourself on a deeper level.

Yoni Egg Therapy

Yoni Egg is an ancestral and sacred medicine for women who wish to energetically heal and cleanse emotional wounds from traumas such as rejection, abandonment, humiliation, injustices, betrayal and abuse that are registered in the womb for generations. In addition, to strengthening the pelvic floor, preventing diseases, increase sexual pleasure, bring awareness and balance to the body, healing PMS (premenstrual syndrome), cramps, sexual blockage, pain during sexual intercourse, difficulty in having an orgasm, in addition to diseases related to the uterus, such as myoma, cyst, endometriosis, among others.

Authentic Tantra Massage - In person

Authentic Tantra Massage for women or Yoni Massage has a spiritual, Tantric and Taoist focus, with the main objective of bringing to life a woman's sexuality and creative sexual energy, using a combination of therapies such as Ayurvedic massage. It is an exploration of a woman's genitals and her sacred, spiritual femininity. Authentic Tantra Massage or Yoni Massage can also be a therapeutic opportunity for women to open up energetically and spiritually, to disarm themselves emotionally, releasing traumatic sexual and emotional tensions and frustrations.

Personalized Womb Mentoring

Customized Womb Plan

Based on our consultation, I will create a personalized Womb Plan tailored to your concerns, and goals. This will include PDFs, articles, books, and all your commitment with all the treatments.

Womb and Sacred Sexuality Guidance

I’ll provide recommendations for Womb care and lifestyle changes to support your the reclaim and awakening of your true potential and a path of self discovery.

Follow-up Sessions

We’ll have follow-up sessions to track your progress and make adjustments to your regimen as needed.

Ongoing Support

Throughout my mentoring programme, you’ll have access to ongoing support via email or WhatsApp, so you can ask any questions or address any concerns that come up between sessions.

Educational Resources

I’ll provide educational resources to help you better understand your womb concepts, so you can make informed decisions about your health style.

Accountability and Motivation

I’ll help you stay motivated and on track with your goals, providing accountability and support throughout the mentoring programme.


Opening the magical doorway whitin

Here are some of the ways that working with me can help you:

Healing deepest wounds

Reclaim the power of your womb opens the door to sacred sexuality and precious life-force energy in love and compassion, embrace and release any traumatic memories inside the womb and break down any patterns like rage, anger and shame and allows the forgiveness or acceptance to flow into freedom.

Release your grief and shame

All the deepest feminine wounds that live inside your womb need great tenderness, gentleness and compassion, often rooted without honouring, imprints in our lineage, cherishing our sacred yoni temple without true love. All this traumatic memories can be safety and gently cleared from the womb space back to self-love and self-respect.

Reclaim the Orgasmic birthright

Allow the flow of life to bloom again, unlock all the portals of your body and womb the energy of life rushes in to help and support us, release all memories of the times and open into the knowing that you're beautiful and precious.

Reset your Womb

You will learn to cleanse the 6 main emotional wounds like rejection, abandonment, humiliation, injustice, to reclaim your creative and feminine womb power.

Embrace Your Femininity

Provides rooting, self-confidence and spiritual protection.

Discovery your power!


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